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The most original memecoin in existence, a rattling mixture of pepe built on Dogecoin Chain (DRC-20)

How to Buy


Pepe Cardinals - believes in a bright future, actively uses all the benefits of the 21st century:

  • cryptocurrency

  • listens to music

  • social networks

  • worships Dogecoin

  • waits for Elon Musk to send it to Mars

How to buy Kek

  • 1. Download the Unielon Wallet

  • 2. Send DOGE to the Unielon Wallet

  • 3. Go to SWAP

  • 4. Press “Trade” and choose amount what you want

  • 5. Follow the steps in your Unielon Wallet







  • Phase 1

    Launch DRC-20
    NFT Collection
    1’000+ Holders

  • Phase 2

    Partnerships with meme tokens

    CEX Tier 2
    10’000+ Holders

  • Phase 3

    T1/T2 CEX
    100’000+ Holders


  • 1. What is the Pepe Cardinals token?

    It is a DRC-20 standard token built on the Cardinals protocol in the dogecoin chain. Will be released in the unielon wallet.

  • 2. What is the Cardinals Protocol?

    The Cardinals Protocol is a protocol that assigns serial numbers to the smallest indivisible unit of Dogecoin, called "elon," and tracks its usage in transactions. One Dogecoin is equal to 100 million elons, and each elon has a unique serial number starting from 0, incrementing based on the order of their creation.

  • 3. Does Cardinals require L2/sidechains, separate tokens, or changes to Dogecoin?

    No, Cardinals can run independently without the need for sidechains or layer-two solutions (L2). The only required token is Dogecoin.

  • 4. What is the purpose of Cardinals (Protocol)?

    Cardinals provides each elon with a unique identity, enabling individual tracking and trading. Additionally, Cardinals supports the "inscription" feature, allowing arbitrary content to be engraved on elons, creating native digital artwork and content on Dogecoin.

  • 5. What can the Cardinals Protocol bring us?

    • Permanent storage of text, images, audio, videos, etc., on the Dogecoin network.

    • Artists can issue their own NFT artwork using Dogecoin as a medium. These NFTs benefit from the full-node ledger of the Dogecoin network and can be permanently stored on the blockchain, achieving true decentralization.

    • Increased activity on the Dogecoin chain, higher miner rewards, and promotion of development and applications on the Dogecoin network, would attract more users to participate in the Dogecoin ecosystem.

  • 6. How does the Cardinals Protocol work?